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Ganesha Ceramic Sculpture

Jaimie Gunn

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Enter the Incredible World of Ceramic Art by Jaimie Gunn

Ceramic Sculptures

Popular Ganesha sculpture made of ceramics. SOLD

Chakra Trivets

All chakra trivets come in sets of seven. Many color ranges are available.

Ceramic Jewelry

Chakra jewelry made out of ceramics. Back contains outline of chakra. Works well with adjustable string.

Ceramic Dishware

Individual chakra plate usable as a hot plate displays symbol of sahasrara or crown chakra.

Latest Blog Updates and News on All Things Ceramics

Ganesha Sculpture SOLD!

My popular and much loved Ganesha Sculpture was recently SOLD! He found a beautiful home with a fellow yoga enthusiast.
The good news is that I soon will be working on […]

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For any kind of questions about Jaimie's ceramics artwork and purchase information, please email her at or call 216-401-2888
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